We are interested in breaking with the conventions of gourmet cuisine.


What matters most is making delicious food that is both simple and provocative.


We believe in tradition as well as contradiction, and we like to work with a product from its origins—and we do everything with passion and dedication.

We love food and are constantly searching for freedom.

We are DE PATIO!



What we at DE PATIO aim to do is create dialogs—between diners and the staff/team and amongst themselves.

We offer three tasting menus; degustación, which is a 5 course menu; depatio, which is an 8 course menu; and festival, which is an 11 course menu.

For every tasting menu, we have a wine pairing option.


All of the tasting menus have a life of their own and vary by season and the products available.


Our team is engaged in a constant creative process to incorporate new dishes.




Friday Saturday from 13:00-15:00

Tuesday to Saturday 19:30-23:00

Av. Vitacura 3520, Vitacura. Santiago de Chile

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